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CloverDX gives IT teams, data engineers, and data ops teams a portfolio of power tools for rapid data movement and transformation, enterprise manageability and clear visibility into data connections between systems and applications.

Why Data Integration?

By using a data integration platform instead of hand coding your own solution from scratch, you (and your developers) save time, assure agility when adopting new data sources, bring transparency into the data processes, and ensure long-time manageability without accumulating technical debt. Data integration also gives sys admins a good night’s sleep by automating dependable workflows along with monitoring, automated failure response, and error handling—all in a single platform.

Data Integration (DI) provides functionality to effectively access and deliver data from different sources to its destination, performing actions like joining, cleansing, validating, and enriching along the way. These data connections are often at the very core of a business and deserve a robust, transparent, and dependable platform to run on.

CloverDX Data Quality Toolset

CloverDX is so much more than just Data Quality. It’s a fully capable data integration platform oriented towards orchestrating and automating data pipelines that continuously connect sources and targets with properly transformed data.

Data quality plays an essential role in producing great results. As CloverDX offers a range of integrated tools, it conveniently and easily keeps all your data processing within a single platform.

CloverDX Designer - Bouwen maar!

CloverDX Designer is a visual tool for development, debugging and manual execution of data transformations.

Design data transformations visually, with instant visibility into the data flow at any point, using a wide selection of customizable out-of-the-box connectors and operations. Additionally, you can create, share and reuse your own components from existing building blocks or using code, effectively shielding users from internal complexities with a simple user interface.

CloverDX Server - Automatiseren!

CloverDX Server is an enterprise-grade runtime platform for automation and orchestration of data integration processes.

Deploy data transformation jobs on a platform that takes care of scheduling, execution, event triggers, monitoring of jobs and system resources, as well as notifications and user permissions.