Tableau customer conference 2014

The Hague was the scene for the Dutch edition of the Tableau Customer Conference (TCC) 2014. After weeks of preparation, together with our Partner CloverETL, our booth was ready:

  • All our hand-outs,
  • Banners,
  • The Presentation,
  • Trialkeys,
  • and not to forget the 250 bottles of water,

to provide the attendees with what they need.

Providing the essence (for the conference)

It turned out to be three exhilarating and long days, in which we met a lot of enthousiastic and interesting people from a lot of companies (I can’t mention all of you here but you know who you are!).
We all shared one common denominator: DATA. It was a pleasure to discuss, talk about and elaborate on data.
Yes, this sounds extremely nerdy (and it probably is) but that is what makes the business we are in so interesting: see how our tools (well, not really our tools but we get to sell and implement them) can help to provide the essence: data.


And while the temperature outside rose to about 26 degrees, inside the sessions covered hot topics like

  • Best Practices for Visual Design
  • Fundamentals of Table Calculations
  • Building Better Dashboards
  • Geospatial Analysis
  • and on and on

This is where the conference attendees came for and during these sessions, the lobby was almost empty. But once these sessions were finished, everyone rushed to get out of the hot and steamy rooms and back into the lobby. That’s where we provided them with another essence: water. (Thanks to my wife who came up with the idea of the water bottles).

Work and pleasure

While gathering knowledge was a big priority for most attendees, Tableau managed to combine work and pleasure by organizing drinks at the end of Monday and Tuesday.
And if that was not enough, Tuesday evening’s beach party in Scheveningen had us working overtime. Needless to say we didn’t complain and put in the extra hours 😉

Credits to everyone who attended and we had the opportunity to talk to. If you didn’t have the chance to talk to us, Catch us at Tableau On Tour London July 7th-9th !
Special credits go out to our Partners: Tableau for organizing this fantastic event and CloverETL for the joined effort. We are looking forward to London already!