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Vandaag hebben we een mooie bijdrage kunnen leveren door bij Zuid Holland Zuid te assisteren als ijswacht. Door de ingezette dooi geldt inmiddels het dringende advies niet meer op het ijs te gaan!
Deze taak sloot goed aan bij de oefening die gisteren heeft plaatsgevonden.

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Join our webinar tomorrow: Infrastructure as Code and CloverDX: We'll discuss the benefits Infrastructure as Code can bring to your data pipelines as well as explore which tools can help you on your journey.

#webinar #CloverDX

Curious to see how DataOps could give your organization a competitive advantage? Check out our quick guide now.

What is DataOps? The essential introduction #bigdata #dataops

From its agile approach to its #automation capabilities, CloverDX is a brilliant contender for your DataOps toolkit. Find out more about our platform in our blog.


#DataOps #DataPlatform #DevOps #DataDriven

7 common pitfalls with manual processes and DIY data manipulation:


#DataIntegration #ReplacingLegacy

Build and deploy things faster with DataOps.

What is DataOps? The essential introduction #dataops #bigdata

Join us on tomorrow's webinar and learn how to get your data from wherever, to wherever, and in whatever format your customers need:

#DataIngest #webinar #CloverDX

Your business must be able to trust its data in the long-term. Here are the common pitfalls that come with in-house, DIY data manipulation:


#DataIntegration #ReplacingLegacy

There are a lot of moving parts involved with adopting and maturing your DataOps discipline. But the benefits far outweigh the barriers:


#DataOps #AgileMethodology #AgileDevelopment

Why should CloverDX be part of your #DataOps toolkit? Click the link below to find out >>


#DataPlatform #DevOps #DataDriven

Catch our on-demand webinar session: Driving Change In 2021, The Data Perspective where we talk about the data initiatives companies are taking on this year.

#DataStrategy #CloverDX #webinar

Looking for a better understanding of DataOps? Read our essential introduction.

What is DataOps? The essential introduction #bigdata #dataops

Catch our recent webinar and learn about our new components that allow you to connect directly to Kafka from CloverDX and read and write any data from Kafka:

#Apache #Kafka #Microbatching

Getting started with a data project that's managed in-house is going to be a lot easier when you have the team and tools in place. But the perceived ease of getting started quickly can overshadow proper planning:


#DataIntegration #ReplacingLgeacy

7 common pitfalls with manual processes and DIY data manipulation:


#DataIntegration #ReplacingLegacy

Council Post: Three Ways To Achieve Real-Time Data Governance For Digital Businesses by @chalkiopoulos

#RealTimeData #DataGovernance

Thinking of upgrading CloverDX? Join our webinar to learn more about our changes over the last few years of development and to learn more about the benefits that the latest versions bring. We'll also be comparing CloverDX 4 vs 5::


Data ingestion and ETL both refer to the process of preparing data to be stored in a clean production environment. Yet, there are clear distinctions between the two:


#DataIngestion #ETL

Join our webinar to learn more about our changes over the last few years of development and to learn more about the benefits that the latest versions bring. We'll be comparing CloverDX 4 vs 5 and show you what you're missing out on:


How DataOps Amplifies Data and Analytics Business Value

#DataOps #BusinessIntelligence

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Today, and every day, we honor #WomensHistoryMonth & those working to advance #GenderEquality in our workplaces and society.

Join us for our third annual #TrailblazingWomen Summit featuring luminary speakers using their platform to advance change:

Mark your calendars! 🗓 Join us this Thursday for an empowering conversation with Canadian hockey legend and four-time Olympic Gold Medalist, @wick_22—hosted by Tableau's own Stephanie Richardson. You won't want to miss it:

9 years a Leader. ✨ From drag-and-drop to data management, Tableau's been disrupting modern analytics since 2003. Learn more about why we were named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for 9 years in a row:

What is data science work and who are data scientists?

Tableau senior research scientist @amcrisan dives into these questions on the blog:

Blogs and events and vizzes, oh my!

Click the link for your weekly #DataFam Roundup update.

🗓️ just a few days remain to participate in the Community Equity Task Force's #DataFam Donation Drive for @tmcf_hbcu, with Tableau matching funds up to $10K.

Learn more on how to join the DataFam's efforts:

🎉 Let's give a warm welcome to the new 2021 class of Tableau Zen Masters! Meet the exceptional inductees, returning Zen Masters and Hall of Fame:

Happening now on #IfDataCouldTalk: @acotgreave is chatting with @CorinnaTurbes from @data_foundation about the new Biden administration and their data challenges. Tune in! ⤵️

This recent #VOTD by @menscuriosa details the contributions of Black scientists and inventors throughout history. Dive into the viz to learn more about 120 inventors and inventions:

What are the data challenges the new administration will face? On tomorrow's episode of #IfDataCouldTalk, @CorinnaTurbes will join host @acotgreave to dive into this topic, plus she'll explain why anybody can—and should—work with data. ⤵️

On the blog, learn how Tableau and the Tableau Community have been using data to drive greater diversity and inclusion.

How can leaders instill and nurture a commitment to bring data into every decision? Join @Forbes panel and Tableau marketing EVP @jackieyeaney for a discussion exploring the different ways to build a data culture.

Link to register ⬇️

"When you have data, you can make really good policies that respond to that." Tune into this week's episode of #IfDataCouldTalk to hear @CorinnaTurbes and host, @andycotgreave, chat about how data transformation can help the new administration. Don't miss it! ⤵️

New on the Community Blog:

Equity Task Force members @ItsCandraM and @AlDatavizguy discuss the power of simple data visualization and the road to further diversifying data communities: #DataFam

Salesforce stands with all Asian communities across the globe against acts of hate.

In light of the recent attacks against Asian American & Asian Pacific Islander communities, we must work collectively toward addressing racism to create a safe, equal world for all.

We love our #DataFam. ✨ The Tableau Community has more than 1 million members, including 510 worldwide user groups.

Learn more about why Gartner positioned Tableau as a Leader for the 9th consecutive year in the 2021 Magic Quadrant:

The next #DataPlusDiversity event featuring Jason Forrest and Anthony Starks is just a few days away! Join host @AlDatavizguy and guests as they discuss exploring and recreating the visualizations of W.E.B. DuBois:

Equip your people with data. Increase collaboration and innovation. Explore the step-by-step guide to building a Data Culture—your key to business resilience:

Tableau Community blogs, vizzes, events, and more. Check out this week's #DataFam Roundup:

The Gartner Magic Quadrant is here and we're thrilled to be a Leader for 9 straight years! 🥳

Learn more about our intuitive analytics, support resources, and passionate global community:

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