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Vandaag hebben we een mooie bijdrage kunnen leveren door bij Zuid Holland Zuid te assisteren als ijswacht. Door de ingezette dooi geldt inmiddels het dringende advies niet meer op het ijs te gaan!
Deze taak sloot goed aan bij de oefening die gisteren heeft plaatsgevonden.

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Join us **tomorrow** (Tues 26th) as we take a look at the process of getting your data into #Redshift #Snowflake #AzureBlob and #S3. Sign up here >>

In an ideal world you'd migrate away from old legacy enterprise systems. But in the real world it's not always an option. Watch the full video on how to work *with* those legacy systems and bring them into your modern data pipelines:

Looking for ways to level up your data management strategy? Here’s why utilizing automation is so crucial.

#cloud #bigdata

ICYMI: Watch the recording of our session last week on API authentication, and see how to streamline the process of working with APIs as part of your data pipelines #APIs

Legacy systems don't have to become isolated silos. See how to wrap modern access points around them so that they can be integrated into modern, automated data pipeline

Our webinar this week looked at API authentication, and how CloverDX can make working with APIs in your data pipelines easier. Watch the recording of the session here:
#API #OAuth2

Which cloud provider should you use? It depends...

There's a lot to consider, and no one right answer. Watch the whole video on creating a great strategy for migrating to cloud:

#DataMigration #Cloud #AWS #Azure #GoogleCloud

Sometimes it's just too expensive or complicated to replace that old dinosaur system in your business. But that doesn't mean it has to be stuck in a silo - register for this webinar and bring that data into your modern pipelines.

Boosted productivity is just one of the benefits when you automate more of your data management strategy.

Check out our article to find out the other benefits.

#cloud #bigdata

Should you continue investing into your homegrown DIY data integration solution? Or should you bite the bullet and invest in a commercial data platform?

There's no one right answer, but this guide will walk you through everything you should consider:

Join us for this webinar tomorrow and discover how CloverDX can help you work with API authentication

Single cloud or multi-cloud? Just one of the decisions involved in putting together your strategy for migrating to cloud. Watch the full video here for a walk-through of the #DataMigration process:

The four key aspects of a good plan for migrating your data to cloud. Watch the full video here:

How you can incorporate OAuth2 APIs into your data workflows effectively? Register for our webinar on Tuesday October 12th

Cracking the Build vs Buy Dilemma for Data Integration Software - read our latest ebook and discover when's the right time to make the switch from DIY ETL to a commercial platform:

Is your data security as tight as it should be? Integrating more automation could help.

Read our article to find out more.

#cloud #bigdata

Looking for ways to level up your data management strategy? Here’s why utilizing automation is so crucial.

#cloud #bigdata

What are your top tips for a successful data migration? We'll start with one - accept you WILL have to go back and change things, and you WILL have to redo some parts. Planning for this from the start can make it less painful. (And the more you can automate the easier it will be)

Sometimes the 'non-technical' parts of a #DataMigration are the most important. Why a key consideration should be adopting changes fast enough to keep users interested and on board with the project:

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"Your brain is wired to quickly recognize patterns. Leverage that power to spot the unexpected!"

👀Discover the power of seeing your data represented visually with Tableau Ambassador Jim de Clercq in the #DataFam's top 10 principles of business analytics.

Who's getting ready for Tableau Conference? 🎉 Whether you're a first-time attendee or a seasoned fan, we've got top tips from Tableau Solutions Engineer @MarkBradbourne to help you make the most of your TC experience. #Data21

Explore upcoming meetings and on-demand recordings in the latest User Group Weekly.

✨Shoutout to the User Group of the week @AnalyticsTUG who discussed all things design, dashboard techniques, and getting certified in Tableau.

Sustainable Development Goals define the world we want. Tableau Foundation and partners @infoCEPEI discuss the progress—and work to be done—in achieving the SDGs and building a path towards better data for sustainable development at the #UNDataForum.

Whether you want to understand what happened, why it happened, or how, you can use data to help inform your decisions. 

Learn how with Tableau Ambassador @davidmpires on the #DataFam’s top 10 principles of business analytics.

This year's Tableau Conference isn't the same old song and dance. 🎶 Register now and get ready to rock with the world's largest data community: #Data21

📣 Last chance: Register for Tableau Conference today and you can be entered for a chance to win prizes like Tableau gear and books that'll up your data game. Don't miss out:

Official rules: #Data21

Learn and get inspired by your fellow Tableau Community members featured in the latest #DataFam Roundup!

How well do you know your #data vocabulary? Put your knowledge to the test by deciphering the emoji puzzles below.

🎨🐟🧠 = ?
☁️🖥️ = ?
🏃‍♂️🛹 = ?
💼🧠 = ?
🎰👨‍🏫 = ?
📊👩🏽‍🔬 = ?

A new episode of #IfDataCouldTalk is available now! @compatibilism, Senior Data Reporter at @grist, joins @acotgreave to discuss environmental justice, working with climate data, and how data storytelling can drive climate action. ⬇️

Why is it important to measure both your successes and failures?

Dive into the answer with #Tableau community member Kimly Scott on the DataFam’s top 10 principles of business analytics.

The ultimate visualization showdown is almost here! Get ready for #IronViz 2021 by...

🏆 learning more about our 3 finalists:
@LisaTrescott, @SParsonsDataViz, @pradeep_zen
📣 downloading your Viz Stix, Social sign, and Scorecard in prep for the big day

Investing in data fluency is the best way for you (and your organization) to ensure success.

👉 Learn why from Tableau Zen Master @SimonBeaumont04 on the #DataFams’s top 10 principles of business analytics.

The call to build a #DataDriven organization is as loud as ever. But how do you do so in a data-driven way? On the blog, we cover the Tableau Blueprint on how to measure, plan and build a data-driven organization:

Don’t waste time debating which data sources your organization should use.

Watch and learn from Tableau User Group leader Erin Hamm on the importance of having a single, unified source of truth.

We are heartbroken by the passing of our Salesforce family and board member, General Colin Powell.

He was a remarkable leader who devoted his life to public service and was instrumental in shaping how we use our platform for change.

He will be deeply missed.

Get inspired by influential thought leaders at Tableau Conference. ✨ Register now to hear big ideas from @kstsosie, an indigenous geneticist-bioethicist and co-founder of @NativeBio: #Data21

The Tableau Training Pass delivers:
1️⃣ Unlimited instructor-led courses for 90 days
2️⃣ World-class instructors
3️⃣ Absolute flexibility

Learn more:

Meet the #DataFam and see how they're using Tableau by tuning into a User Group meetup. This week, hear talks on:
🔹Tableau techniques
🔹Improving user engagement
🔹Tableau Server deep dive
🔹and more!
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