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Vandaag hebben we een mooie bijdrage kunnen leveren door bij Zuid Holland Zuid te assisteren als ijswacht. Door de ingezette dooi geldt inmiddels het dringende advies niet meer op het ijs te gaan!
Deze taak sloot goed aan bij de oefening die gisteren heeft plaatsgevonden.

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Join this webinar where we'll explore DevOps and DataOps and how these two common approaches help companies manage the complexities of a modern data-centric world:

#webinar #DataOps #DevOps #CloverDX

If you're handling vast amounts of data, 'owned' by multiple teams within your business, data pipelines can get messy.

We reveal how you can build trustworthy data pipelines in our latest blog.


#DataPipelines #DataManagement #DataPlatform

Join this live product demo webinar (run every Wednesday) and discover how to use CloverDX to build end-to-end data pipelines, from design and debugging through to deployment and automation:

#webinar #demo #CloverDX

***On-demand webinar***: A guide to considerations when moving to a cloud data warehouse and we explore how to take advantage of modern infrastructure options:

#Cloud #DataWarehouse

Join our webinar to find out how to effectively use version control to keep track of your changes and to help your teams manage larger projects & work more effectively:

#CloverDX #Webinar #VersionControl

Did you know that Python is now the second most popular coding language among developers? In our article, we explore five different use cases of the language, as well as its benefits.


#Python #Coding #Data #Development

Data equals power. When you're able to access more data, better quality data, and the data that matters to you, you’ll find it easier to innovate. Check out our blog to find out more:

#DigitalTransformation #DataDrivenTransformation

Looking to migrate data from a legacy system? Catch last week's webinar here: We discussed best practices when planning a migration from a legacy system and how to migrate your data safely and quickly.

#DataMigration #webinar

Effective Version Control & Teamwork in CloverDX: Join our webinar to find out how to effectively use version control to keep track of your changes & to help your teams manage larger projects and work more effectively.

#CloverDX #Webinar #VersionControl

Businesses tend to get these mixed up...

What’s the difference between DataOps and DevOps? #dataops #devops

Are you sure you know the difference between DataOps and DevOps?

Read our article to make sure.

What’s the difference between DataOps and DevOps? by #devops #dataops

Real-time data processing versus micro-batch processing #dataprocessing #bigdata

The ETL process is split into three distinct but interrelated steps to ensure every crucial function is adhered to. We take a closer look at those functions, and more, over on our blog:


#ETL #DataIntegration #DataStrategy

How are organizations able to drive transformation at speed while building confidence in the team? Check out our blog on how to deliver data-driven transformation projects 3x faster with CloverDX:

#DigitalTransformation #DataDrivenTransformation

ETL is often used both for referring to a piece of technology for moving and transforming data as well as the actual task of getting data from the source to the target. We explain how the process works over on our blog:


#ETL #DataIntegration

Want to become a CloverDX power user? Join our upcoming webinar on May 11th where we’ll share useful tips and tricks. Register now:

#CloverDX #webinar

Join our upcoming webinar on May 11th where we’ll share useful tips and tricks to become a CloverDX power user. Register now:

#CloverDX #webinar

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Just 3️⃣ days until the #TableauITSummit! Tune into the opening keynote to hear from Tableau CTO, @acbeers:

If you had to pick a GIF that represents data governance, what would it be? Drop yours below! ⬇️

(And don't forget—the #TableauITSummit is coming soon! Join our free, virtual event and learn how to deploy, scale, and govern analytics to enable agility) ➡️

4️⃣ more days until the #TableauITSummit! With plenty of opportunities to network with and learn from your data-driven IT peers, you won't want to miss it:

That’s a wrap! 🦖Thanks to the thousands of #DataDevs who joined us for an event jam-packed with technical deep dives, exciting announcements, and a super inspiring “Women in DataDev” panel.

This week’s #DataFam Roundup is here! 🔍 Take a peek at what’s inside:
✅ Community Hub survey
✅ #IronViz tips
✅ Vizzes honoring #Pride

Tableau’s new CEO Mark Nelson on life inside Salesforce, and the company’s future in Seattle

Mark your calendars for this #TableauITSummit Customer Roundtable all about scalable governance structure and business agility. 🙌 Register now and explore the full agenda:

President and CEO @MarkTNelson chats with @Cheddar about his vision for Tableau, creating a data culture, and helping to democratize the use of data analytics.

📺Catch the full clip here:

Cheddar News 🧀@cheddar

.@tableau President and CEO @MarkTNelson shares his vision and goals for the company.

Brush up on your data storytelling by entering the #IronViz qualifier contest. The best part? The theme is ✨ Data + Joy.

The #TableauITSummit is just 5️⃣ days away! Register now then check out the schedule builder to customize your day:

At the #TableauITSummit, you'll learn how World Food Programme (@WFP) used Tableau Blueprint to create a framework for strategic implementation and ongoing business conversations. Save your spot for the free event:

"I have a passion for education and promoting equal opportunities—to me, promoting diversity, equality, equity, and awareness in the public sphere is vital." Learn more about @EveThomas1 and her featured viz in the @TableauPublic Viz Gallery Pride exhibit.

Data storytelling in a diverse world—Tableau Foundation and @UrbanInstitute announce the Do No Harm Guide: Applying Equity Awareness in Data Visualization, with approaches to research and present data through an equitable and inclusive lens.

The #IronViz global qualifier contest is officially underway! Don’t miss this opportunity to show off your data skills and creativity—submit your entry by July 2nd, 2021.

During the #TableauITSummit, you'll hear how JPMorgan Chase, T-Mobile, World Food Programme, and the US Air Force empower their organizations to be agile with trusted data.

Register now—it's free!

What is it like to host a global collaborative workshop? Learn from Tableau Student Ambassadors Vedant Lakhani, Tokolo Kashupi, and Tanish Jain 👇

📣 #DataFam and data rockstars: Applications are now open for this year's Tableau Speaker Bureau program! Find out how to apply and grow your data skills alongside a global community of peers.

👀 Take a peek at what User Group meetings are coming up this week and catch up on the latest recordings.

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