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Vandaag hebben we een mooie bijdrage kunnen leveren door bij Zuid Holland Zuid te assisteren als ijswacht. Door de ingezette dooi geldt inmiddels het dringende advies niet meer op het ijs te gaan!
Deze taak sloot goed aan bij de oefening die gisteren heeft plaatsgevonden.

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Don't go for multi-cloud. But accept that sometimes you might have to go multi cloud. These and other less contradictory tips for your #DataMigration in this post:

Putting together your #DataMigration plan? Tip #8: Get everyone on board with testing regularly. Don't wait to pull the curtain; be transparent and test as often as you can. And ALWAYS test on the full data set. More tips for success in this post >>

Webinar: How do you get your data into #Snowflake quickly - not nightly loads but quick updates minutes after the data's been created or modified? Join us next week - register here >>

We’ve always focused on making sure our customers succeed in their data projects (failure is never an option!). See what @Gartner_inc says in their 2021 Magic Quadrant™ for Data Integration Tools

Does your data migration plan cover these key things? #DataMigration #Cloud #CloudMigration

We've always focused on “ugly” #dataintegration problems – something simple but at scale, or complex that needs automation for reliability & transparency. See how Gartner® positioned CloverDX in their recent Magic Quadrant™ for Data Integration Tools.

Starting in 2 hours... (3pm London, 4pm Europe, 10am Eastern) find out what's new and updated in the latest CloverDX release. Register for the session here and come and hang out with us!

The @Gartner_inc #MagicQuadrant for #DataIntegration tools can help you choose the best vendor for your use case, and get the most value for your investment #DataEngineering #CloudMigration #OperationalDataIntegration #DataFabric

Onboarding client data to your SaaS platform can be a real bottleneck. Wouldn't it be easier to automate this process and give your customers a fast, reliable experience? #DataIngestion

#DataIntegration software - homegrown DIY solution or buy something off the shelf? There's no one magic answer, but we'll show you what to consider if you're facing the decision. Join our webinar on Sept 21st:

4 key data integration scenarios @Gartner_inc touted this year in their #MagicQuadrant for data integration tools: #DataEngineering #CloudMigration #OperationalDataIntegration #DataFabric Explore the Magic Quadrant >>

Onboarding client data to your SaaS platform can be a real bottleneck. Wouldn't it be easier to automate this process and give your customers a fast, reliable experience? #DataIngestion

Our webinar last week looked at options for moving your ETL to cloud. Should you go with an #iPaaS solution, or manage your own tech stack in the cloud? Watch the session here and find out the pros and cons of each >>

Who are the competing players in the #DataIntegration market? How are they positioned to help you over the long haul? Use the 2021 @Gartner_inc Magic Quadrant™ as a first step to understanding the providers you might consider. Get the report >>

The new release of CloverDX (5.12) is coming next week. Come along to our webinar on Thursday 23rd and find out what's new! Register here:

If you're wondering if it's time to make the move to a modern data platform, join our webinar where we'll talk through some of the things you should be considering. Sign up here:

The evergreen dilemma - build or buy your software? We won't give you the answer in this webinar (sorry), but we will talk through the things you should consider in making your decision. Register now and join us next week:

Webinar tomorrow >> How to pick the best deployment option for moving your ETL to cloud (spoiler - there's no one right answer) Register now:

iPaaS vs managing your own tech stack and infrastructure - register for our webinar where we'll look at the options for moving your #ETL to #cloud #DataIntegration #iPaaS

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Get ready for a jam-packed week of meetups. See what the #DataFam has planned in this week's Tableau User Group Weekly:

As trial data is announced for COVID-19 vaccine efficacy in kids ages 5-11, Tableau partners @MomentiveAI and @BostonChildrens are tracking public opinion from parents on vaccinating their children.

Explore the data:

The latest and greatest in Tableau Community content—dive into this week's #DataFam Roundup!

What's new in Tableau 2021.3?

📊 Custom sample workbooks
🔗 Linked tasks in Prep Conductor
🔔 Tableau notifications in Slack
⚠️ DQWs in subscription emails

...and more! Learn about all of the latest features on the blog.

.@TelefonicaTech is using #Tableau to help its business customers unlock the full potential of #data—finding new paths for growth in markets such as transport, tourism and smart cities. Watch more here:

Dreamforce may be over, but the learning continues! Revisit any content you may have missed on Salesforce+: #DF21

On your mark, get set, viz!

Check out our in-person "Team USA by the Numbers" interactive dashboard at Dreamforce. #DF21

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🐝 Buzzword alert 🐝

Artificial Intelligence!

But our approach to AI is more than just an algorithm—see firsthand in our episode, “Discover Tableau AI for your Business” now available on Salesforce+:

Honored the Racial Equity Data Hub has been recognized for best design for social good—as a finalist of @FastCompany's 2021 Innovation by Design Awards, highlighting businesses who are solving the problems of today and tomorrow. See the list:


Working on a dashboard but not quite finished? Just save it to your Personal Space—a private location to store your content until it's ready to be shared with others. Head to the blog to learn more. ⬇️

🕙 10…
🕘 9…
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🕔 5… minutes until our LIVE Dreamforce Keynote, featuring customer Kellogg's! #DF21

We’ve got a wheely great Dreamforce episode today. Pull up a chair and take a brake from your busy day—it’ll fuel your inspiration. There’s plenty of vroom on Salesforce+!

OK, we’re done 😂 catch our LIVE #DF21 episode with Lyft 🚗 today at 12:30pm PT:

Hands up if you're excited for our two LIVE Dreamforce episodes today, featuring customers Kellogg's and Lyft!

Streaming on Salesforce+ starting at 12pm PT: #DF21


Anecdotal hunches: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Data-driven insights: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Stream our on-demand Dreamforce episode to find out how businesses can unlock, analyze, and act on all of their data with the power of @MuleSoft + Tableau: #DF21

We’re embedding the best of Tableau AI-powered predictions directly within the @SlackHQ workflow. What does that look like? 🤔

See firsthand in our Dreamforce episode, "Meet Slack-first Analytics," now on-demand: #DF21

Tableau 🤘 + Slack 💬 ➡️ from emojis to analytics.

Talk to your data in a way you never could before with upcoming Slack-First Analytics features. Get all the details:

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