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When you’ve collected a lot of data, some of it can be messy and difficult to transform. And it can get even messier when there are errors during data onboarding. Read how a data ingestion framework can help.

#DataIngestion #DataOnboarding

Join us on May 10th to see how CloverDX works in production for your data workloads - from deployment, to monitoring automated data flows, to working with logs, and more.

It's all very well having a data platform overflowing with features - but if it's not reliable in production it's not going to work. Join our webinar and learn what you should be looking for to ensure a robust deployment. Register here >>

How do you make sure that when real data is thrown at your system that it actually works? Join us for this webinar on May 10th to see why reliability is critical to success.

Why reliability is the key part of your data platform you might be overlooking

Plan your data migration to avoid costly mistakes and inefficient bottlenecks. Find out how here.

Whatever sector you’re in, you can enjoy the benefits of efficient data onboarding and the resulting valuable data insights. Find out more in our blog.

#DataIngestion #DataOnboarding #DataTransformation

Build data validation into your automated processes and:

✔️Adapt on the fly to different data sources, all within a single data pipeline
✔️Spot errors early
✔️Scale up the number of customers or sources you can handle, without needing additional resource

Migrating to the cloud takes a good deal of forethought, even if you are just choosing to "lift and shift". We've assembled the steps you need to make the process run smoothly. >>

Data onboarding can be messy. But we’ve got three real-world examples that show it doesn’t have to be. Read more in our blog.

#DataIngestion #DataOnboarding #DataTransformation

Our resident Senior Product Manager, Pavel Svec, looked into a couple of data ingestion and data integration definitions from a Google search and provided his insights >>

#DataIntegration #DataIngestion

When you’ve collected a lot of data, some of it can be messy and difficult to transform. And it can get even messier when there are errors during data onboarding. Read how a data ingestion framework can help.

#DataIngestion #DataOnboarding

CloverDX 5.14 is out now. New features include:

- CloverDX Libraries: Redistributable packages that enable you to share what you create in CloverDX much more easily.

- Support for AWS Secrets Manager

Read more in the full release notes:

Looking to modernize your data warehouse in the cloud? Follow these six key steps.

#DataWarehouse #CloudComputing

🚨 Live masterclass tomorrow! (April 5th) - see how to detect, monitor and fix data quality issues when building automated data ingestion pipelines with CloverDX.

How to manage and maintain data quality in your ingestion process with CloverDX - join us for this webinar and see how to detect, monitor and and fix data quality issues.

Webinar - 5th April - Data validation in data ingestion processes:

Come along to our webinar on 31 March and see all that's new in the latest CloverDX release. Including support for AWS Secrets Manager, and a better way to share work across teams. Register here >>

#AWSSecretsManager #DataPlatform #ETL #DataPipelines

Onboarding customer data? Want to automate the process to make it faster, easier and more accurate? Make sure you're building in steps to handle the (inevitable) bad data you're going to have to deal with. We'll show you how.


Come along to our webinar on 5 April and discover some best practices for managing data validation in your data ingestion pipelines, including how to detect, monitor and fix #DataQuality issues

Register here:

CloverDX 5.14 is coming later this month! Join us for this webinar on 31 March where we'll take you through all the new features and updates in this latest release. Sign up here >>

Discover the difference between data integration and data ingestion, as well as how automation can help each process.

#DataIntegration #DataIngestion

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Get insights into your analytics advantage. Tableau Conference is now streaming. #Data22 ➡️

Data Stories will save you hours—literally.

AI-powered natural language generation in Tableau helps you understand the "so what" behind your data: #Data22

Tableau Conference is streaming now. Watch the data event of the year. #Data22 ➡️

Data ailments got you down? Book an appointment with a Tableau Doctor to get your data in tip-top shape: #Data22

How can you deliver analytics in Tableau directly to users with an embedded solution?

Join the virtual session to learn about Curator by @InterWorks, a custom analytics product to create a tailored, unified data experience. #Data22

Learn how @SnowflakeDB’s marketing intelligence team drove rapid growth using machine learning combined with Tableau.

Join the in-person session at Tableau Conference 2022. ➡️ #Data22

What is Tableau's #IronViz?

Learn more about the world's largest data visualization competition and tune in to Tableau Conference to watch the championship. #Data22

Get prepped for Tableau Conference with a new mobile wallpaper. Check out the thread below to download one (or more)! ⬇️ #Data22

One of the best parts of #Data22? Meeting people from all over the world to talk data.

Join a Tableau Conference hangout with the #DataFam from the comfort of...where ever! Secure your spot now 👉

Ready to unify your data experience? Check out the Curator by @InterWorks session at TC on May 17 at 11:30 am PT.

Curator gives you the power to integrate multiple BI platforms, govern delivery of analytics, and showcase dashboard designs. #Data22

This week’s #DataFam Roundup is live. Take a peek at the Tableau Community content featured:
- Tableau Conference visualizations #Data22
- LOD calculations in Tableau 
- DataFam virtual hangouts
Get the full list:

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